Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The New Apple TV: First Look

From Motherboard:
We know Apple is decent at search. But we were surprised at just how good the new Apple TV search appears to be, based on the company's announcement today at its event. "Show me James Bondfilms with Sean Connery." "Find that episode of Modern Family with Edward Norton." "Game of Thrones. Just the new ones."
If you own a Roku or other set top box, you're used to painfully tapping in the title of your desired show or movie into Netflix's painfully picky search interface. Voice control is available on some Samsung TVs (although they may be eavesdropping on you) but no one has nailed the commands (contrast barking "channel up" and "Smart Hub" at your supposedly smart television with asking your TV to recommend a movie the same way you'd ask your roommate.
This is part of Siri on Apple TV, which does some other nifty stuff. Didn't hear what a character said? Ask Siri to rewind and replay the last 15 seconds with captions. Want to know the weather or a sports score? Siri can display this over whatever you're watching. As long as you don't accidentally set off your iPhone while you're trying to talk to your TV, it'll be pretty convenient for iPhone users who are used to voice control.

Apple TV Pricing:
32gb $149
64gb $199

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