Monday, September 7, 2015

Trump Exposed (By Paul Krugman) as a Lefty

Paul Krugman, in a blog post that tends to bash all Republican candidates, and delivers a subliminal message of hate against free markets, does manage to get the truth out about Donald Trump when he reports on the elitist Jeb Bush attack on Trump:
Mr. Bush has chosen to attack Mr. Trump as a false conservative, a proposition that is supposedly demonstrated by his deviations from current Republican economic orthodoxy: his willingness to raise taxes on the rich, his positive words about universal health care. And that tells you a lot about the dire state of the G.O.P. For the issues the Bush campaign is using to attack its unexpected nemesis are precisely the issues on which Mr. Trump happens to be right...



  1. Trump is saying the right things on immigration, nonsensical arguments for it on other posts of this blog aside. Open borders and the welfare state can't exist together and it is simply impossible for us to reduce or even slightly diminish the government trough. Many immigrants are good and many more are socialist leaning and they will capture this country's political system in a generation When that happen libertarian utopian dreams will be deader than even now. Trump is the only one addressing this.

  2. This is a tough one. Who do you choose? A guy like Ben Carson who has great ideas, but who will probably be "too nice" to get anything accomplished. Or a guy like Trump who has the chops, but not the real conservative bona fides? I'm afraid they'll still end up giving us Bush, no matter what.

    1. Carson's "great ideas" you say? Like mandatory vaccinations and expansion of 2nd Amendmendment infringements and Israel First foreign policies? Consider how dangerous a Republican Obama could be... You're right, though that it's likely that Carson and Trump are simply the warmup act to the next BushClinton.

    2. Source for mandatory vacinations and 2nd amendment infringement?

    3. If my comment with links gets moderated, the source of these assertions is Carson's own words as reported on various internet sites over the last few years. Startpage is your friend. BTW, Carson has only VERY recently begun walking back/softening his previously reported positions in support of gun registration and other gun control measures.