Thursday, September 17, 2015

Venezuelan President Debuts the Official Sneaker of Socialism

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. in the below clip, calls the shoe he is holding "the boots of Bolivarian youth socialism,” in reference to the Bolivarian Revolution socialist movement.

According to him, early supporters of the movement wore red sneakers. Sole Collector says the sneaker itself looks like a Converse Chuck Taylor or a PF Flyers design.



  1. Do all Latin American socialist leaders aspire to be Pablo Escobar?

  2. I've got a couple of pairs of "One Star" Converse shoes I bum around in that I bought from Target. Being a child of the 70's probably factors into why I wear them for casual use(I wore Chuck Taylor's as a kid)...but I like their style and they are comfortable for my foot type. My oldest daughter loves Converse shoes as well(the old style/design, canvas w/ rubber end & sole), but she gets wild with colors. I kinda laugh to myself sometimes that we have that like in common. I feel a little immature about it. Oh well, you like what you like I suppose.

    It's somewhat ironic to see a champion of socialism hold up a copy of an old iconic design from an old American shoe company, wearing an Addidas jog jacket, while declaring it's "the socialist youth's shoe".

    Maybe he should have been pitching feet painted in red as the "shoes of the revolution" considering such revolutions usually end up with some spilled blood and no one able to afford a new pair of shoes.

    Or maybe red feet could represent those people that will be forced to subsidize/produce the red shoes for those that can't afford to buy them.

    My point is that he could be more on message with some small tweaks.

  3. That is some seriously outdated clothing Maduro has got there, its going to be funny when Venezuelan's just get tired of it all and take him down.