Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Lefty Was Just Elected Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau, the eldest son of the former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, has just been elected prime minister of Canada.

Trudeau is a big league interventionist. He would like to increase taxes on Canadian citizens making more than $200,000 a year. He also wants to double national spending on infrastructure, which would create a "modest short-term deficit" for the country.

He has said that a national daycare program should be a priority.

According to The Globe and Mail, on a recent campaign stop,  when a student asked about the high cost of tuition, the Liberal Leader said society has an interest in more people going to university, and so it should invest in that – up to the point where it is good for society as a whole. So instead of giving $1,000 to everyone who goes to university, it is better to give $5,000 to those people “for whom it makes the difference of going to school” or not.

Trudeau has also extolled "the virtues" of carbon taxes.He also supports the establishment of a Low Carbon Economy Trust. The Trust would provide funding to projects that materially reduce carbon emissions under the new pan-Canadian framework, the Liberal Party Web site says. It would be given $2 billion in funding.

 He has vowed that he will work "right away" to see that marijuana is legalised.



  1. Canada has now joined the ranks of nations best described as a hereditary kakistocracy.

    Trudeau senior was a real piece of work, a millionaire socialist par excellence. Grand pere sold a chain of Quebec gas stations to Imperial Oil way back, and since then, no Trudeau has had to sully himself with working for a living.

    As any self-respecting millionaire socialist would, the elder Trudeau admired, publicly, the murderous psychopath Mao, among other colourful despots. Nixon and Trudeau had a thing going with each other in the early 70s, and Nixon was furious that Trudeau had beaten him to China to kiss the big red communist ring. In Nixon's case, the interest in China was economic, but with Trudeau, it was purely ideological. As it turned out, many authoritarian thugs reciprocated Trudeau's admiration, and the last of these old guard types, Fidel, was physically present as an honoured guest at Trudeau's funeral. Interestingly, the other of Trudeau's sons wrote in an op-ed piece for a major newspaper how he considered Fidel to be "one of the greatest men in history -- a real super hero".

    While in power, the elder Trudeau tried to nationalize part of Canada's oil and gas industry back in the early 80s; lo and behold he and his cronies just happened to benefit materially from the massive government expenditure. Who could have guessed they were shareholders of the French gas company Petro-Fina, and that the Canadian government grossly overbid the share price to secure control. Just one of many indirect peculation scandals that Canada's government-owned media would choose to ignore as somehow irrelevant.

    The Petro-Fina nationalization effort was typical of Trudeau's governance philosophy, he was a true ideological believer in dirigisme. The list of his failed interventions would eventually bore everyone to tears, so in summary, let it be sufficient to say that he piled up the national debt to enormous proportions, setting back economic recovery for decades as high interest rates and high debt servicing payments predictably followed, and hobbled future governments.

  2. The new, younger Trudeau, born into the purple, (and prophesied to become prime minister one day by none other than Tricky Dick), was the first issue of the bizarre and unhappy union of his prime minister father and unstable mother, the daughter of a powerful political family. The age difference between Trudeau and his young wife was around 25 years; he had apparently been courting her before she had reached the age of majority. Their marriage was of the tabloid variety, as the young first lady was photographed in NYC discos dancing with various members of the Rolling Stones while supposedly at home looking after her devoted husband. She has since in several memoirs confessed to cocaine use, drug addictions, and bi-polar disorder.

    Meanwhile, Junior Trudeau has lived off his family trust fund, and in his 45 years he's proved himself to be little more than a flighty dilletantte. He has been a club bouncer, a snow board instructer, and for two years, a high school drama teacher. That is the sum total of his professional experience. His nickname the "Hair Apparent" pretty much sums up the appeal to voters; irresponsibly promising everyone everything doesn't hurt one's electability either. He now runs a G-8 economy. He has said (in a charming lisp) that he will tell Putin that "he's a bully." Canadians continue to prove that democracy is indeed the god that failed.

  3. ps -- I know an amusing economics anecdote about Trudeau senior that I'll pass on that demonstrates how dilletantteism runs in the Trudeau genes: many years ago I heard a former finance minister in Trudeau's cabinet say how the prime minister once strode into his office and asked him a number of very basic economics questions. Trudeau seemed to follow the minister's explanations with rapt attention. Having finished his explanation, the minister then asked Trudeau a question: "It's well known that you studied at the LSE, why are you asking all these elementary questions about economics? What did they teach you there?" Trudeau responded with his typical gaullic shrug and look of studied indifference: "well, you know what THOSE things are usually all about..." As it happened, the finance minister did not, in fact, know what Trudeau was alluding to, but afterwards guessed that for Trudeau, who studied in residence at all the best schools in the world, time spent at prominent educational institutions was nothing more than an socializing junket, during which learning something would be a happy but totally unnecessary side effect.

  4. He's a lefty for sure. If he implements the economic policies he says he will, then Canada is in for a rough few years.

    But at least he's getting us out of Syria and Iraq, and also is making pot legal.

    1. Ill believe that this guy will withdraw when I see it, liberals like to campaign on anti-war sentiment but never act on it once they acquire power.

    2. You're going to need that pot when you open your tax bill!!

  5. Man, classical liberals never win.

  6. Well he will more than likely drive the Canadian dollar down even more, so we Americans can buy Canadian goods even more cheap.
    Good job you Canuks, and thanks.

  7. Don't forget that Stephen Harper was a creepy Bibi kissing Neocon ruling over a fiat bubble.

  8. At least he (allegedly) will try to expand personal freedom in the substance consumption area.

    And what Bob said above... Harper was such a $&%^@£$*

  9. Canada was a pretty strange place even before this latest election:

    Province gives $2 million to unions to pay for bargaining - - Money helps 'offset' higher costs in first round of negotiations under new legislation, says Education Minister Liz Sandals.

    The Ontario government has paid $1 million to each of two teacher unions to cover bargaining costs under new legislation. The Toronto Star has confirmed a one-time payment was given to the unions representing public high school teachers as well as the province’s Catholic teachers in recently negotiated collective agreements.


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