Thursday, October 29, 2015

Becky Quick is Also a Gold Hater

The moderators for last night's Republican debate are facing heavy criticism for their establishment attack methods. During the debate, Ted Cruz called them out.

As the sun rises on a new day in America, the reviews have not gotten any kinder.

This morning's headlines:

ABC News: CNBC Debate Moderators Face Backlash After 3rd GOP Presidential Debate

The Boston Globe: The biggest loser? The media

The Washington Post: The conservative war on the mainstream media hit a new phase at the GOP debate

But the direction the moderators took should come as no surprise, they are establishment tools. I called out one of the moderators, Becky Quick on her establishment gold-hating ways, back in 2010: Is Becky Quick Stupid or Just Kissing Ass?


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  1. Why bother asking serious questions when the answers are meaningless? Who is Cruz kidding? He and his cohorts have had plenty of opportunity to cut taxes, shrink government, eliminate regulations and instead they recently voted for a midnight approval of raising the federal government debt ceiling. The rhetoric is prudent and serious but their actions are spend spend spend.