Friday, October 16, 2015

Goldman to Dismiss 20 Analysts for Cheating on Tests

Goldman Sachs is dismissing about 20 analysts globally in offices including London and New York after discovering they had breached rules on internal training tests, said people familiar with the matter,according to Bloomberg.

The employees, who had been working in the investment bank’s securities division, have either already been dismissed or are in the process of leaving the bank, said the people.

“This conduct was not just a clear violation of the rules, but completely inconsistent with the values we foster at the firm,” said Sebastian Howell, a Goldman Sachs spokesman in London, who said he couldn’t comment further.

Shady doings at Goldman are apparently reserved for the upper echelons of the bank.


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  1. "Doing God's work!"
    Blankfein quote at a Congressional hearing.