Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Paid $300 for a $60K Round-the-World Adventure

You could consider this entrepreneurship (in a Kirznerian sense)  -RW

By Zachary Kussin

hink it’s impossible to shell out just a few hundred bucks to fly around the globe — in mega-pampered first-class seats, no less? It’s not.

Sam Huang, a 26-year-old blogger, is living proof that credit cards, as well as loopholes in airline policies, can result in major travel perks. In this case, he paid a mere $300 for a flight that normally would have cost him about $60,000.

Huang’s legendary 21,136-mile trip, which he documented on his TopMiles site, took him to seven countries and 11 cities across five continents, all on Emirates, with stops in faraway locations including Singapore, Sydney, Mauritius, Dubai and Milan.

Huang made this global trek possible, in part, by signing up for credit cards from Bank of America. The bank has an agreement with Alaska Airlines, which is also a Mileage Plan partner with Dubai-based premium airline Emirates.

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