Saturday, October 17, 2015

Irwin Schiff, RIP

Peter Schiff's father has died (February 24, 1928 - October 16, 2015).

Irwin Schiff was a political prisoner, in prison for charges surrounding the refusal to pay taxes.

My condolences to Peter and the rest of the family.

Here is a video of Peter discussing a recent visit he made to his father.



  1. Rep. James Trafficante, Edgar J. Steele; these guys play for keeps. And it's going to get a lot worse.

  2. My condolences to Peter, family and friends. Irwin was a man of character who died in prison rather than please guilty to a crime that Irwin believed, by his own personal research and fact, did not exist ,,, thus Irwin never willfully violated a federal statute, an element of a federal crime that must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, for federal jury or judge to have imprisoned Irwin. So few of us have the courage and conviction that Irwin demonstrated by his willingness to die in prison for a crime he knew did not commit.

  3. Mr. Schiff was a great man, and as pointed out, was a political prisoner as he violated no federal laws. Federal judges are also paid by taxes, so they are not going to let such a technicality - that no federal laws were violated - affect their decisions.

  4. Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Tom Paine, Sam Adams, Irwin Schiff, brave American patriots one and all, but Irwin was the bravest for he fought for freedom against the awesome power of the rogue federal government and its infamous tax swindle for 43 years, never waivering in the face of very real violence and prison. Three times thugs captured him and caged him, but he remained undaunted until he died in prison, a true American hereo.