Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rep. Gutiérrez Introduces Bill to Open ObamaCare to Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) says illegal immigrants should not be barred from Obamacare.

So much for free trade and open borders, this is about inducing people to cross the border for a free handout.

Speaking on the House Floor, Gutiérrez recalled Pope Francis’ address to Congress, saying the pontiff inspired him and other Members to remember the Golden Rule — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“That is why I am introducing the Exchange Inclusion for a Healthy America Act of 2015, a bill to give people complete access to the Affordable Care Act regardless of their immigration status,” Illinois Democrat said.

I consider it horrific that government officials continue to argue that charity needs to be conducted via the barrel of a government gun. Among other objections I have, it is an insult to say Americans won't be charitable unless forced by government.

Further, is it really the duty of every American to take care of every person in the world? This, of course, is absurd but what is really at the heart of Gutiérrez's argument.



  1. It's always easy to be charitiable with other people's money!

  2. I seriously doubt that when Jesus discussed charity he was referring to government welfare of any kind. This guy is doing nothing more than pandering to his base using other people's money and he knows that this legislation stands no chance of going anywhere. If I were in congress, I would propose to amend his bill to include all the poor people of the Caribbean and Central America. After-all why should borders get in the way of following one's heart when caring for his fellow man. I would be willing to bet that he and his phony caring Democrat buddies would be the first to protest over my amendment since there is no way we could afford the cost or make it work without huge unintended consequences. And at that point, I would have them all on the same page as, and we would then be discussing Gutiérrez legislation as a matter of economics and not charity based on emotional reflexes. If the economics are relevant to my amendment then they also have to be relevant to Gutiérrez legislation. Of course, the Republicans will instead make asses out of themselves by walking right into the trap.

  3. And this is why I'm not in favor of open borders. Politicians always find a way to pander to some group for votes. And while we have government there really is no other way to do it but pushing out the illegals. All of them.

  4. This just distracts the people from the fact that "legal" immigrants are getting this and should not be.

  5. Rep Gutierrez is a fool. If the government enforces the individual mandate on illegals, then Obamacare will eventually serve as a disincentive to immigrate. Who would choose to come here to be forced to pay incredibly high prices for worthless insurance? And yes, I know that the subsidies for the poor dramatically reduce the premiums for those who qualify, but the deductibles and co-pays are still awful.

    If the government doesn't enforce the individual mandate on illegal immigrants, then nobody will join (making this a dead issue).

    So, in our world of unintended consequences, the most likely scenario (if Gutierrez's bill passed ... which it won't) is that more illegals would come in for more free stuff. Then, after realizing they've been tricked, immigration would decrease. Of course, by this I don't necessarily mean that the actual numbers would decrease. I only mean that there would be fewer immigrants than there otherwise would be (absent O-Care).

  6. Gutiérrez justs wants to score political points by embarrassing Republicans. He knows the bill has no chance of passing, which means he expects to dangle the rejection in front of his constituents and the cameras at MSNBC as evidence of Republicans' prejudices against immigrants.

  7. The GR is a guide to personal morality. What we have here is a pharisaical use of morality.