Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oh Yeah, Ronda Rousey Shuts Down Equal Pay Feminist

My new hero is Ronda Rousey, who apparently is a serious fighter in addition to being sound on "equal pay."

Now watch her take on Michael Strahan.

(ht  Nick Badalamenti)


  1. So how do "we" reach out to her and get her on "our" side. She has the potential to influence millions with tweets etc. She might be sympathetic to liberty maybe already is a libertarian. A nudge in the right direction from Ron Paul?

    1. Joe Rogan was a huge Ron Paul fan, he's got a relationship to Dana White and travels in the same circles....he was on Late Night with Ron Paul too and went crazy:


      I sent RW the first link on Rousey, I didn't see the 2nd until now that he found...my favorite part of the vid is that she's the #1 female fighter by a lot right now who's talking about "liver shots"...and when Bas Rutten was in his prime and as dominant as she is now he doled out some of the worst/brutal liver shots I've ever seen in my life. He actually sent one fighter to the hospital with an exploded spleen...

      Go to YouTube and search for Bas Rutten liver shots and prepare to cringe.

  2. What impresses me is that she uses sound economic reasoning to completely demolish the silly bromide on which the question was predicated. Her response was clear, concise and unassailable. I think I'm in love!