Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Austrian Gang

Walter Block emails:

That’s Ludwig Lachmann, Naomi Moldofsky, Hayek, me and Murray. I was a bit younger then.

 RW note:

The Sydney Morning Herald on Moldofsky:
Moldofsky worked as a lecturer and then senior lecturer in economics at the University of Melbourne from 1969 to 1990. She was a passionate teacher and researcher who championed freedom of thought and action within the rule of law. As she would often quote: ''One person's freedom ends where another's nose begins.''
She was privileged to discuss ideas with Nobel laureate Friedrich August Hayek and philosopher of science Sir Karl Popper, and was instrumental in getting Hayek to Melbourne in 1976. Professor Milton Friedman supported her membership of the classical liberal Mont Pelerin Society. Long-time colleague Maurice Newman, the former ABC and Australian Stock Exchange chairman, recalled their common belief in an open society and individual liberty. Moldofsky was only ''too aware of the dangers posed by centralised authority and conceited politicians'', he said.
''She opposed it always and everywhere. Her intellect and the rigour of her arguments meant she was a formidable opponent in a debate. That said, she was, no matter the provocation, unwaveringly courteous and polite. Her contribution to economic thought is of the highest order and her writings will endure the test of time.''


  1. I kind of want to print that out and frame that weird? lol

  2. How cool!! You were a lucky man to spend time with Dr. Rothbard.