Friday, October 2, 2015

The Most Famous Band of All-Time From Every State

The now global elitist controlled Business Insider claims to have the answers. (But I am suspicious now of anything they put out. Why, for example, is the best band in Washington D.C. where all major threats emerge, a banned I have never heard of that is called Minor Threat?)



  1. Sorry, BI is right here. Minor Threat was a seminal hardcore punk band starting in 1980-81 and basically birthed the genre (along with singer Ian Mackaye's prior band Teen Idols). The only real competition (and maybe deseves #1) is Mackaye's next band Fugazi, in which Guy Piciotto from another great DC band Rites of Spring joined Mackaye as a singer/guitarist.

  2. Another great 80s DC punk outfit... Bad Brains! Music can be politically powerful. Thus, the intense interest of various 3 letter intelligence agencies involved in influencing popular music in the 60s via LSD and the Laurel Canyon music scene (worth a Startpage). Reggae in particular is very politically "conscious." In the immortal words of Bob Marley, "Rasta don't work for no C-I-A.!" In 1976, that was revolutionary. Lots of controversy and conspiracy surrounding the deaths of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh...

  3. If you read the article each entry is described as influential. That isn't the title of the article. It is for most famous of all time. What would be the criteria for most famous, following or name recognition?
    .I would think the Beach Boys would be much more famous all time than the Grateful Dead. And Minor Threat, why not make it Shudder to Think? And My Morning Jacket is more famous than the Everly Brothers? I agree with Phish. They have a cult following larger than all the armies of the world combined.

  4. That is a pretty terrible list. For instance, let's just take Mississippi. BI: Three Doors Down. The rest of the world? Do I need to even say it? Okay.... ELVIS.

    Not to mention BB King, Or Robert Johnson.... Many many others more famous than 3 doors down.