Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Probability Of A December Rate Hike Has Never Been Higher....

Based on futures trading.

Reports ZeroHedge:

What a difference a word and a day makes...

December odds the highest they have ever been...


  1. "December odds the highest they have ever been..." It appears the same could have been said in June, July and August. In fact, it appears the futures traders have been wrong more often than correct during the past twelve months.

  2. Wenzel again trying to defend his Sept rate increase; which did not happen.

    There will be no interest rate increase in December or 2016. Progressive Yellen is going to ruin Hillary's chances of being elected? Not a chance.The "fake" good economy has to be retained, for Hillary.

    And Yellen WILL do this.

    These people ARE Collectivists. It is a hive mind. Which is why there are two, OLD people on the Dem side; on the GOP side more people than you can count, young, old, one black, one woman.

    This is frightening to a Collectivist.

    But back to this post, the FED will not be raising interest rates. In December or in 2016