Monday, November 2, 2015

BANKSTER: Fed Rate Hike Will Be Good for the Stock Market

Banksters are continuing to carpet bomb with propaganda tp prepare markets for a possible December rate hike.

Strategists at J.P. Morgan say that Fed shift doesn’t necessarily spell doom for this stock market, reports Barbara Kollmeyer at MarketWatch.

The Fed will only hike as long as economic data allow it, Mislav Matejka, J.P. Morgan’s global equity strategist, and his team said in a note on Monday. That includes a pickup in U.S. payrolls picking up and a stabilization in Chinese economic activity into year-end.

Secondly, the central bank won’t make a move if financial markets, which suffered a big selloff in August, start to send “renewed warning signals.”

“If the Fed does hike in December, this should be interpreted as a conformation that improving sentiment is sustainable, in our view, and should be a positive for equity markets,” said Matejka.

All true, though a 25 basis point rate hike is not going to have much impact in the first place, especially if price inflation begins to accelerate in 2016 as I expect it will.


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  1. Fed will not hike. If it did, stock market would crash.