Monday, November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces $275 Billion Infrastructure Plan

On Sunday in Boston, Hillary Clinton rolled out a $275 billion infrastructure plan.

A campaign aide added that the bulk of that -- $250 billion - would go to direct investment by the federal government, while the remaining $25 billion would support a national Strategic Infrastructure Bank, which would fund future projects through a combination of financing mechanisms, reports NBC.

According to NBC, the aide said the plan would be paid for by business tax reform. He did not offer more details.

The proposal is really about buying crony construction support and union support.

Orange-t-shirt clad LIUNA members turned out in force and dotted the audience in hardhat, reported NBC.s. The Carpenters union made special shirts for the occasion, showing both their and Clinton's campaign logo.

Terry O'Sullivan, the president of the Laborers International Union (LiUNA), which recently endorsed Clinton, said the former secretary of state "understands unions," adding that organized labor will make this election.

The only good thing about this crony over-the-top spending is that if Hillary is elected, she will never be able to get this passed with a Republican Congress,

NBC notes:
Infrastructure spending has been a top priority of President Obama's as well, but his plans have so far failed to go anywhere in the Republican-controlled Congress. Clinton's proposal would face the same opposition in Congress, which is likely to have at least one chamber under GOP control if she wins the presidency.
Congressional logjam is our friend here.


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