Sunday, November 1, 2015

IT BEGINS: Government to Pay Doctors to Tell Patients to Kill Themselves

The federal government is about to pay doctors who speak with patients about the type of medical care they want when they are "near death."

The rule announced on Friday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid service will reimburse, starting January 1, 2016, healthcare providers if they have conversations with Medicare patients about advance planning--also known as end-of-life discussions, reports WSJ.

Make no mistake about it, this is about cutting the cost for the government of patient care,

Notes WSJ:
It is a delicate issue, however, because end-of-life discussions also are likely to lower health-care spending—which could lead to claims the conversations are a way to limit treatment or care.
I have had discussions with senior executives of healthcare firms who tell me that this will be a means to cut off treatment for many who will be deemed unlikely to live, but of which a percentage (approx. 10%) would likely survive their illnesses.

They say what will happen is an attractive girl trained in these "advance planning" talks will come in with slick brochures showing pictures of people in horrific states and saying to a  patient, "Do you want to live in this state and burden your family?," when in fact the patient is being asked to sign-off on the cutting-off of treatment at a point unlikely to be anywhere near the state portrayed in the brochure picture.

And don't think this is just about Medicare and Medicaid patients, It is the first step. The current government-controlled crony health insurance sector will also benefit from these kill-yourself talks.

Bottom line: When you are a drain on government coffers rather than a taxpayer, and the crony health insurance sector fears you will become expensive to keep alive, the government would rather see you dead.

It is another way that research into drugs to extend lives of people, who possibly can recover from severe illnesses, will be disincentivized, while treatment will stop on others that have a chance of recovering from a serious illness.



  1. "They say what will happen is an attractive girl trained in these "advance planning" talks will come in with slick brochures showing pictures of people in horrific states and saying to a patient, "Do you want to live in this state and burden your family?,....


    That sounds so ghoulish and horribly accurate.

  2. Like everything else the state does, healthcare becomes a perversion under Gov. I guess under Obummercare doctors will be following the "Hypocritic Oath"...

    1. ...if and when they come into my room and attempt to "explain my options"...they are gong to get a message that will scare the crap out of them. I have already made arrangements that anyone associated with my "40 year-career-paid-for-heath-benefits" who tries to screw me out of appropriate care...well, when I'm gone...they will all be visited by people they will not appreciate. Health insurance is an important thing to have...the presenters of such information should insure they have all the coverage they need.
      RJ O'Guillory

  3. You three above sound like chicken little. Don't worry chickens the sky isn't falling and the government isn't trying to make you commit suicide. Everyone is going to die. Would you like to die in the way you want to die or have someone else make those choices for you? Modern medicine has given us the ability to keep people alive a lot longer, treat diseases, and even keep terminally ill patients alive (I know I am a dialysis patient), so it stands to reason that because medical science can keep our bodies alive a lot longer especially after the mind has gone that some people might find being a bed sore covered vegetable rotting alive in a nursing home a little worse than death. Plus it helps your family and loved ones know how to proceed if you are unable to make these choices on end of life care. Having these desires documented with your PCP will make sure that your wish to have a feeding tube, life support, and baby fetus transfusions, and any other medical procedure or device to keep you as a cash revenue source for some lucky nursing home for many decades to come. Live mindful of death.

    1. ...when you begin to pay someone for a particular behavior, that is directed at someone else, you are attempting to incentivize the acceptance of whatever the person is pushing. There is an innate difference between an individual being aware of the benefits of pre-planning such an event, and having it directed towards them, by an authority figure representing the corrupt government, who's sole purpose is to reduce the monies they owe to people who have worked their entire lives for the type of care they expect. If the pigs have blown the monies that were set aside and needed to care my generation properly, they can give out of their own fortunes...or be convicted for treason, and hanged. As a former US DoD Executive with over two decades of service in the role of a Federally Protected Whistle Blower, I know exactly how corrupt the government is...and what their agenda is. You are a stooge.

  4. This talk is not mandatory ! If you want to discuss you wishes for medical care, fine. If not, just decline. Having a document that states your wishes may save your family the agony and conflicts associated with
    making medical decisions when you are incapable of doing so. Things get very difficult when the family is
    divided on what to do. It's much easier for all involved if they know what YOU would have wanted done.
    If your decision saves money, what's the problem with that ? If you pay a doctor ( rarely an attractive female) for their time to discuss
    your options, what is wrong with that ? They are paid the same regardless of your decision.