Thursday, November 12, 2015

US Top Dog Heads to Ukraine

This afternoon, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will depart en route to Kyiv, Ukraine.

This is on the heels of the news that Russia is seeking ways to block the International Monetary Fund’s next loan payment to Ukraine if Kiev defaults on its $3 billion debt to Moscow in December.

The IMF’s current policy forbids it loaning to countries that default on other government debt. But last month the organization said it would go ahead with the promised $17.5 billion loan to Ukraine even if the country defaults on its debt to Russia. The IMF might amend its rules, allowing lending as long as the borrowing nation meets its obligations under the IMF program and bargains in good faith with the creditor country.

No doubt Lew will explain to the US puppets running Ukraine just how to dance  to work around the legitimate objection to the IMF payment by Russian.



  1. There to bail out the Nazi junta, no doubt- with our tax money no less.

  2. Why does Russia want to block the IMF from loaning to Ukraine, and why does Jack Lew have an interest in seeing this loan carried out?