Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Best Sign Yet of Mad Fed Created Money Overflowing in Greater Silicon Valley

NyPo reports:
Marissa Mayer is sitting on the hot seat — make that a white-hot seat.

The Yahoo! chief executive presided over a company “Great Gatsby” theme party this month on San Francisco’s Pier 48, the reported $7 million cost of which struck investors in the Internet also-ran as being tone-deaf to excess.

Mayer played the ultimate flapper — all in sequins on a “pure white armchair,” according to an account Tuesday on Vice’s Motherboard.

After being led through a series of velvet ropes, guests sat on a couch beside her for their commemorative photo before being dispatched to the party outside, where they indulged in Champagne poured by swinging aerialists.

From Vice Motherboard:
When I reached the actual party, the first thing I saw was [Yahoo] CEO Marissa Mayer herself behind a series of velvet ropes, dressed in a long sequined gown and seated on a pure white arm chair. Attendees could sit next to her on an adjacent couch and pose for a photo. She was very pregnant and ended up giving birth to twins less than a week later.


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