Sunday, December 20, 2015

Clinton Vows No New Middle-Class Taxes If Elected President

During last night's Democratic presidential primary debate, Hillary Clinton pledged, that if she becomes president, she will never raise taxes on the middle class. Of course, taxes shouldn't be raised on anyone, they should be rolled back dramatically. But a no new taxes pledge is a good if minor start.

On its surface, it is a much better proposal than that of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who want to "reform" taxes and institute a new value added tax (See: here and here.)

See video of Hillary's pledge here.

Of course, this is Hillary, so if any EPJ readers catch her on the campaign trail, nail her down and ask her: "When you say no new taxes on the middle class do you mean no income taxes, no sales taxes and no value added style taxes? No new taxes of any kind?"



  1. straight from the playback.... on queue.

  2. If you like your tax rate, you can keep your tax rate!

  3. Robert, a question for you concerning Hillary. I ask because I think I have understood each position from you, so if it is both, then ok.
    Is your "support" for Hillary strictly based on the fact that she is so hated already, by conservatives especially, that any agenda she tries to push on us will get nowhere, so basically we will have a get nothing done president because congress will push back against her every move?
    Or, is your support for her based on the thought that since people already hate her, and supporters who will be disillusioned by her, that this will further the destruction of the State?
    Or is it both?
    Or she may push such a radical agenda that even the sleeping masses will wake up?