Saturday, December 26, 2015

Murray Rothbard On Socialism and Why It's Dead From The Neck Up


  1. a swan screams before it dies. You Ayn Rand lovers are screaming a lot of late. Living your lives in the shadows of theoretical justifications for theft and murder must at times worry corners of your pitifully bigoted minds. As an anarchist i see through your crap and the biblical pseudo-intellectualizing of your cult leaders. If it's a choice between where America is going with the likes of Trump and socialism - i'll take the lesser evil and go with socialism. You lot deserve Sharia Law - most of you would spend the rest of your lives without tongues or right hands.

    1. The first things that came to mind upon reading this thoughtful and insightful comment....

      a. Does your mom still tie your shoes?

      b. I'm nominating this guy as an honorary MMTer.

      c. Maybe he's Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky and former President of the Appalachian Studies Association:

    2. LOL This guy calls himself an "anarchist" and then praises socialism. Maybe he should look up the meaning of his words before he uses them.

    3. Actually, the second thing that came to mind after reading this comment was HOW ARE WE POSSIBLY LOSING THE P.R. BATTLE TO THESE GUYS?

  2. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Continue on your path.