Thursday, December 31, 2015

Murray Sabrin Reports from Australia

EPJ friend and free market economist emails:
Subject: Happy new year from...

Alice Springs, located in the center of Australia, A town of 30K, which played an integral rolling the economic development of the country.  If you get a chance, Google it.

We had our new year's dinner a few hours ago.  One of the appetizer's was kangaroo.  Tasted like pickled corned beef.

It rains only about 12 times  a year here.  Today it rained.  Go figure.

Muray, Murray, It's an El Nino year. Of course, you are going to get rain in Alice Springs!


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  1. Go rent the Meryl Streep movie "A Cry in the Dark" about the horrible miscarriage of justice inflicted upon a mom whose baby was grabbed out of her tent by a dingo while camping at Alice Springs.