Friday, December 11, 2015

Opening In Theaters This Weekend: The Big Short

Judging from the trailer, the film focuses on the collapse of the mortgage sector and some tyhrows in some distortions about mortgage securitizations and nothingabout the more important broader picture played by Federal Reserve money printing.

Bottom line: Viewers will probably get the impression there was a failure within "capitalism," rather than the fact it was all about government distortions based on regulations, cronyism, left wing do goodism and, of course, the money printing.



  1. Yeah it was all just those greedy banks. So frustrating.

  2. Just in time to raise passions for the elections...

  3. Been anxious to see this since I first heard about it. It'll provide a lot of stimulating conversation regardless of how it's spun.

  4. Waiting on reviews before I go see it.

  5. Can we just turn the page from the Financial Crisis already? No doubt this movie will contain a bunch of "Wall St screwed Main St" but can we just get over it? Move on?

    1. Since an event of the scale and scope of its type is bound to happen again, perhaps with even more devastating effects, why not use this film and its subject matter as a springboard or opportunity to reach those who do not understand some of the underlying causes like those RW listed?

      While I can appreciate and understand your sentiments, I believe it would be shortsighted and poor judgement to "get over it".

      To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, good philosophy must exist if for no other reason than to counter bad philosophy.

  6. Never again! Vote Hillary!

    Yes, that's sarcasm, but I'm guessing that will be the ultimate massage of this movie.

  7. It looks to be true to the book which lines up with your prediction -- still my opinion is that it is a important film because it does introduce the world to Michael Burry who while not a self described Austrian or Libertarian is far from a lucky idiot -- his New York Times Op Ed blistering Greenspan and the Fed was ballsy and dare I say heroic and came with heavy repercussions from high places -- we can learn allot from Burry as individualist armed with truth and logic he is worthy of investigation and admiration in a way few market masters today are.

  8. This guy gets it in a way the new left leaning bleeding heart libertarian toe dipping pseudo Austrian tourists currently poisoning the liberty movement never will -- see the movie this guy is the real deal.

  9. I sadly have already overhead some wanting to see this film to get a better understanding of how 'this could have happened'. It is absolutely deplorable the level of effort my fellow tax slaves take when this is basically considered a 'historical film'.