Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Motto of the Baroness of Macau

Stanley Ho with Angela Leong in 2004

Bloomberg reports:

The Las Vegas Strip has characters like billionaire tycoons Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn. In the world’s largest gambling market of Macau, there’s Angela Leong.

A lawmaker, business executive and mother-of-five, Leong has been a prominent figure in the former Portuguese colony since meeting her spouse, 94-year-old casino baron Stanley Ho, about three decades ago. In a recent interview, the 54-year-old shared her approach to adversities, the most recent of which is a 18-month-long slump in Macau’s gaming revenue...

Her motto, which she learned from Ho: "pee with eyes wide open.”

Speaking in her native Cantonese, Leong repeats a saying that’s not in regular use in the southern Chinese dialect, let alone easily translated into English. “It means, you know someone is going to trip you up, and you pretend you don’t notice and let it go,” says Leong, who is executive director of SJM Holdings Ltd., Asia’s largest casino company.

“Let’s be very direct,” she continues, her voice raspy from a respiratory infection. “You come and interview me today. If your article isn’t in line with my views, I’ll let it go.” But there won’t be another interview, she said...

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