Monday, December 21, 2015

Walter Block on Immigration

Professor Block,

I wanted to write to tell you that, having previously agreed with Hoppe on the issue of immigration, I today had the opportunity to read Gregory's and your Reply to Hoppe dated 2007.  I simply had not recognised the reductio ad absurdum of claiming it immoral to have the taxpayer fund the use of public services by an alien to one's culture; this would have to apply to those transport vehicles who use 'public property' such as roads too and, to be consistent, one must therefore reject the use of public property by foreigners for means of trade also.  I think we have all been caught in a fear for our cultures, which is only natural, and our judgment has been impaired as a result.  I could not see that I would have advocated greater state activity in limiting immigration, contrary to private property rights rather than focusing on reducing any and all government control and holding fast to those rights.

Thank you very much for helping me see my way clear.

I must ask whether there have been any further responses to yours or whether you have in turn changed your mind.  I realise Lew Rockwell recently spoke at a Mises Circle to advocate Hoppe's position.  What is the situation?

Kind regards,


Here's Walter Block's response:
Dear Richard:  I  have not changed my mind on this issue. As far as I know, there are no refereed journal articles from any libertarian attacking my position on this matter. Here are all my pubs on this subject: Block, 1998, 2004, 2011A, 2011B, 2013; Block and Callahan, 2003; Gregory and Block, 2007; Block, Walter E. 1998. "A Libertarian Case for Free Immigration," Journal of Libertarian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Review, Vol. 13, No. 2, summer, pp. 167-186; Block, Walter E., 2004. “The State Was a Mistake.” Book review of Hoppe, Han-Hermann, Democracy, The God that Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy and Natural Order, 2001May 25. Block, Walter E. 2011A. “Hoppe, Kinsella and Rothbard II on Immigration: A Critique.” Journal of Libertarian Studies; Vol. 22, pp. 593–623; Block, Walter E. 2011B. “Rejoinder to Hoppe on Immigration,” Journal of Libertarian Studies Vol. 22: pp. 771–792; Block, Walter E. 2013. “Rejoinder to Todea on the ‘Open’ Contract of Immigration.” The Scientific Journal of Humanistic Studies, Vol. 8, No. 5, March, pp. 52-55 Block, Walter E. and Gene Callahan. 2003. “Is There a Right to Immigration? A Libertarian Perspective,” Human Rights Review. Vol. 5, No. 1, October-December, pp. 46-71;;                                                                                                                   Gregory, Anthony and Walter E. Block. 2007. “On Immigration: Reply to Hoppe.” Journal of Libertarian Studies, vol. 21, No. 3, Fall, pp. 25-42; Block, Walter E. 1990.  “Immigration,” Fraser Forum, January, pp. 22-23. Block, Walter E. 1/12/88. Dollars and Sense: “Migration patterns tell real story.” Block, Walter E. 1/30/83. “How immigrants CREATE jobs,” North Shore News, p. A6; Block, Walter E. 2/7/83. “Protect Canadian Jobs From Immigrants?” Dollars and Sense.  Best regards, Walter

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