Friday, January 15, 2016

BREAKING Dow Industrials Down 400 Points

It's a follow through to the downside action in China.

 China's Shanghai Composite dropped 3.5%. It is down 20% from a Dec. 22 high.



  1. But wait...didn't you say the economy is booming, Robert? Strange...

    1. Indeed, despite the end of QE3 a year ago, RW tells us the boom is still on. We are told the economy is doing great, adding more good jobs, racking up ever higher sales, and still vigorously expanding capital investment. Plus interest rates have now begun to rise without even causing a hiccup to credit expansion. Whee!

      Accordingly, it stands to reason this stock market plunge must just be an aberration, right? A blip. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. A good buying opportunity even. If the boom is still on, then it stands to reason the stock market will shortly be right back to new all time highs just as it has the past 7 years. So we should buy, buy, buy stocks.....right?

    2. Haha exactly my beef with RW. He's so convinced he's right and Schiff is wrong, despite looking at lagging indicators and saying is booming! All the leading indicators are already in recession!