Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BREAKING Theranos Lab Practices Pose "Immediate Jeopardy" to Patient Health, Regulators Say ( Henry Kissinger, Counselor)

Federal health inspectors have found serious deficiencies at Theranos Inc.’s laboratory in Northern California that could put the facility at risk of losing its certification, according to a letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, reports WSJ.

In 2014, I detailed the Kissinger connection. SEE: The Very Creepy, Kissinger Connected, Theranos.

I noted in the same piece:
This comment former Secretary of State and Treasury, and current Bechtel Corporation capo, George Shultz (Riley P. Bechtel-Chairman of the Board and a Director of Bechtel also sits on the board of Theranos):
 In a conversation about a year ago, Secretary Shultz said Ms. Holmes could be "the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. "
When I put it to him again on my recent visit, he smiles slyly. "This is not the last thing she's going to invent or create."
Also see my October 2015 post: Major Theranos Scandal Brewing; Henry Kissinger Involvement 


(ht Robert Blumen)


The largely establishment Republican board and counselors of Theranos as listed on its web page:

Elizabeth Holmes-Theranos Chairman, CEO and Founder

Sunny Balwani: President and COO - Director
Riley P. Bechtel - Director
David Boies - Director
William H. Foege
William H. Frist
Henry A. Kissinger
Richard Kovacevich
James N. Mattis - Director
Sam Nunn
William J. Perry
Gary Roughead
George P. Shultz


  1. Obviously, this company has something to do with Eugenics.

  2. A cornucopia of cronyism.
    Board of directors for the 0.006% club.
    Deep State connections of the 'republican' variety.

  3. Theranos has made claims to have a machine that can perform a variety of tests on human blood using a very small sample. There have been reports that that tech may not exist. In October of 2015, Jason Calacanis, founder of Engadget and angel investor, claimed on an episode of This Week In Tech that he knew of investors that were interested in Theranos who were unable to perform due diligence due to resistance from Theranos. Calacanis stated that in his opinion the chance that Theranos was a fraud was 90 percent.

    Fortune has reported that the Theranos has raised $400 million from several rounds of funding.