Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Change in Home Prices: The Boom, Bust and New Boom

Federal Reserve economic manipulation at work:


  1. You've convinced me on your point about several parts of the economy being in a boom phase, Mr Wenzel. Just because some sectors are in decline, doesn't mean the American economy isn't dynamic enough to have been booming at the same time. It's given me a whole new perspective, thank you. I can see now how many Austrians focus on the bust, almost seeming to pine for it. But you can't have a bust without the boom phase, and out is shrewd to recognize both. Doubly shrewd to invest and make money in both.

  2. I think this shows my point from other threads, some places are booming and some are not. I had to break out a color picker to make sure, but where I live this says the recovery has at the very least stopped short and could be turning to 'bust'. Zero to minus 5% for nov 2015.