Thursday, January 7, 2016

Is Macy's Run By Paul Krugman?

A comment at the post, Macy's Announces Layoffs, Lists 36 Store Closures::
KevJanuary 7, 2016 at 5:47 PMFor our wedding, my wife and I received over a thousand dollars in Macy's gift cards. With it, we intended to buy a couch. Se we went online, chose a couch, and.... you can't order online. You have to call in, and they painstakingly enter all of your information into their computer. What would have taken me 5 minutes online took 35 minutes on the phone. I was annoyed. At the end of the conversation, I put the order on hold so I could make sure the wife was ok with the color. So we hung up, after I was assured my order would be ready to go.
The next day, I called THE SAME ASSOCIATE back, and she told me their computer system had a problem (the second time she mentioned it in our discussions) and that I'd have to give her all of the data again! Another 25 minutes. What a complete waste of my time and that woman's labor. It is like the place is run by Paul "The Internet Is Just A Fad" Krugman. Completely nuts.

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