Friday, January 29, 2016

Nutjob Gathering in Kenya to Torch 120 Tons of Ivory; DiCaprio, Soros, Kidman, Buffett, Bloomberg

Kenya will host a major global summit on illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking this April that will count Hollywood celebrities, business leaders, world dignitaries and politicians as attendees, according to local reports.

Additionally, in an effort to boost elephant conservation, Kenya will also use the two-day event to set fire to its massive stockpile of ivory that has an estimated black market price of $270 million.

“Kenya plans to use the occasion to torch as many as 120 tonnes of ivory, the largest stockpile of ivory ever destroyed by any country, as proof of our commitment to zero tolerance for poaching and illegal ivory trade,” Presidential Spokesman Manoah Esipisu told reporters.

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman, and business tycoons George Soros, Paul Allen, Howard Buffet (son of Warren Buffett) and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg are expected to attend the Elephant Protection Initiative held April 29 – April 30.

Elton John and former NBA player Yao Ming are also on the guest list.

This event, of course, ignores the fact that dwindling elephant and other wildlife populations are the result of a lack of property rights in the areas where these animals roam. With property rights and the desire by some to nurture different animal species, the problem goes away.

Further, the burning of the ivory tusks cuts the supply, which will boost the price of ivory and provide even more incentive for poaching.

It's time to privatize the jungles.



  1. As its been said, the cows and chickens are not going extinct!

  2. Time to privatize the jungles. And the oceans,mountains,rivers and all government property.

  3. Of course none of those numbskulls has ever seen a supply/demand curve. Get rich; get guilty; and get LIBERAL.

  4. Wonder what the price of ivory will do next?

  5. Who gets to keep the charcoal. Ivory black is incredibly expensive pigment.