Tuesday, January 5, 2016

OUCH, Charlie Sheen Sells an LA Mansion at a Loss

This is not winning.

In the era of Janet Yellen Fed money pumping, Charlie Sheen wasn't able to make even a buck a mansion he sold.

Recently, Sheen put two of his three homes in LA’s gated Mulholland Estates up for sale.

He just sold one for $6.6 million, a 9,020-square-foot manse located at 3332 Clerendon Road — a 1998-constructed property that he bought in 2011 for, get this, $6.99 million.

The buyer’s name is not available, but is said to be a private equity player.

Charlie, you are soft. You could have shaken this guy down. PE guys have plenty of Yellen money they don't know what to do with.


(via NyPo)

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  1. I think Charlie is in a must sell situation considering he is being sued for knowingly exposing several sexual partners to the HIV virus without informing them he had tested positive.