Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sadly, I Think Paul Krugman is All Too Accurate About This

He writes:
Remember when Bill Kristol predicted that Trump’s support would collapse because he declared that he would protect Social Security and Medicare? Surprise: there are virtually no sincere small-government types out there in the real world. Wealthy donors want tax cuts.... But people who actually care about the government spending too much in general (as opposed to spending too much on Those People)? No such constituency.

There are just not that many of us around who want real cuts--deep and across the board.



  1. Ron Paul's 2 million votes are a decent gauge of our numbers.

  2. Krugman is right. Virtually no one supports cutting spending ON THEMSELVES. And the only spending that seems to upset most people is spending on THOSE PEOPLE. Horror stories of war spending and war slaughter tend to produce a flatline response from most people I come in contact with. And neither the left nor the right wants to admit that Obama and/or the Clintons are mass murdering warmongers. The left loves their peacenik tree-hugging Obama and the right loves to hate the peacenik tree hugging Obama.

    Finally, all sides seem to believe that government has magical powers like Mary Poppins who just wiggles her nose and the toys magically march back into the toy box. The argument is over how and where to direct the magic nanny. 99% of the population simply cannot think abstractly so as to understand the concept of blowback, either in foreign affairs or as the result of government economic intervention.

  3. Nothing will be done until it's too late. It's just human nature. Like @Bob Roddis said, most people want everyone else to sacrifice, not themselves.

  4. That's because people don't think of social security cuts as reigning in big govt. They think of it as government bastards stealing our money from us for years through force, under the pretext and promise of investing it for contributors, but the govt now doesn't propose to STOP STEALING it, they merely want to keep stealing it and not giving the pittance back in 50 years. F the govt & their ponzi theft scheme.