Monday, January 25, 2016

Supreme Court Backs Electricity Fascism

Lew Rockwell in Fascism versus Capitalism has written:
If fascism in invisible to us, it is truly like a silent killer. It fastens a huge, violent, lumbering state on the free market that drains it capital and productivity like a deadly parasite on a host. This is why the fascist state has been called the vampire economy, It sucks the economic life out of a nation and brings a slow death to a once-thriving economy.
By way of a Supreme Court decision announced today, we have an object lesson in how the fascist vampire continues to suck and drain the economy

The Supreme Court in a  6-2 decision overturned a federal appeals panel ruling and affirmed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's authority to incentivize programs that reduce power consumption during peak demand periods by paying large users to curb their demand. Although states could opt out of FERC's regulation, the lower court argued that the agency had overstepped its powers.

Note well the fascist, interference in the corporate sector, notions at work here:

1.The state must overrule a private property society.

2. The state must manage via "incentive programs" the private sector.

Both these notions violate the simple fact that energy is a commodity like any other where supply and demand can be set by the free market pricing system with no need for government intervention.

Further, any pollution problems, as a result of increased power production, can also be resolved via a private property society as powerfully demonstrated by Dr. Walter Block.


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  1. Maoism on Parade!
    Everything is Political and the State must have the Political Control Officer Corp to manage any and all behaviors.

    We're all Maoists now.