Thursday, January 28, 2016

TERRIBLE Karl Marx is the Most Assigned Economist in U.S. College Classes

Tom Bemis reports that according to data from Open Syllabus project, which tracks books and other works assigned to students in more than 1 million syllabi, that a:
 search for “economics” shows Paul Krugman at the top of the list with his iconic “Economics,” which gets a count of 1,081 and score of 89.4...
Karl Marx’s classic receives a count of 3,189 and a score of 99.7. It doesn’t actually show up under economics texts either, as it is generally taught along with philosophy texts such as “The Social Contract,” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau; “Leviathan,” by Thomas Hobbes; and “On Liberty,” by John Stuart Mill....The only books assigned more frequently than “The Communist Manifesto” were “The Elements of Style,” the writing guide by William Strunk which was popularized by E.B. White, and “The Republic,” by Plato.

The best antidote  to Karl Marx is Gary North's 1968 book, Marx's Religion of Revolution: Regeneration Through Chaos. Unfortunately, it is out of print and quite expensive as a second-hand book, but relative to the junk students are being taught in college, the price is a bargain:



  1. Gary North's book on Marx can be downloaded at his "freebooks" website:

  2. Ebay has some copies of North's book for under $12

  3. Here is the direct link to the pdf of Gary North's book on Marx:

  4. You can bet the house and win that most students assigned to read Marx never read the book.