Saturday, January 23, 2016

Toddler Wage Gap: The Off-the-Wall Politically Correct Nonsense at Davos Has No Limits

Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, says there is a toddler wage gap.



  1. I have never once seen girl mow the lawn, edge or sweep the driveway.

    One summer, I tore up all the grass and lay down new sod for my dad. Would a daughter be expected to do this? We all know a daughter would never be expected to do that.

    Ms. Sandberg is looking for her third husband and I bet her attempt at keeping score with the genders has something to do with her failed relationships and no kids.

  2. Wow, what kind of sicko family did SHE come from? If I ever received a higher allowance than my sister, she'd kick the livin' shit out me and take it ALL.

  3. The solution is clear, we need to create a chores union, and pressure congress to create an official Department of Chores Equality.

  4. The labor theory of value just never dies. Amazing that there are adherents in the C-suites. "If it takes little Johnny 2 hours to perform his weekly chores," Mrs. Sandberg might proclaim, "and it takes little Sally 4 hours to perform her weekly chores, clearly Sally's work is twice as valuable as Johnny's work."

  5. These Davos types are all gross. The worst of humanity elevated and quoted. I think this is what happens before societies collapse.