Saturday, February 27, 2016

Did Trump Forge a Signature On a Trump University Contract?

I question a lot of the statements Donald Trump has made in his presidential bid, but wording attempting to discredit him in a document discussing Trump University appears exceptionally awkward at best, or, more likely, more misleading than anything ever put into a Trump University contract.

David Freddoso tweets out the below.  It appears to come from a court document, but possibly from a story about Trump University. Freddoso does not identify the source.

What catches ones eye in the above is the use of "Trump University" and "Trump University representatives"  which is suddenly dropped at key points for the use of "Trump.".  There is this for example,
Winklemann realized that Trump had forged her signature on the contracts when Trump responed by submitting to the credit card companies copies of the forged document. 
It sure gives the impression that Trump was up in his office high above Manhattan at Trump Tower forging documents. This is absurd. I have no idea if Trump is worth $300 million or $10 billion but he is a very serious player. I know lawyers he has employed and people he has done deals with. There is nothing small-time about Trump.The idea that he would get involved in the details of a $35,000 contract is ridiculous, much less force through such a contract with a forged signature.

People in Trump's league are very careful. They are always targets for lawsuits. They don't do idiot stuff like forging a signature on a $35,000 contract. This is not to say it couldn't have been done way down the totem pole at Trump University by some guy trying to make a quota, but Trump would never have had any role in it. In fact, I'm guessing that Trump University was probably a branding deal where Trump threw his name on the program and having nothing to do with day-to-day details.

The author of the above may claim that he was just using the word "Trump," as an abbreviation for "Trump Universiy representative" but this is certainly much slicker than anything I saw from Trump Univeristy reps when I popped in on their pitch way back when.

It's pretty clear who has the con going on in this litigation and it is not Donald J. Trump.


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