Sunday, February 14, 2016

GREAT NEWS 'Out of Poverty' Selected 2015 Choice Outstanding Academic Book

Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy by Benjamin Powell is the best book ever written on third world sweatshops and why they are not evil, but in fact an important step for many out of poverty.

It is extremely exciting to see that  Choice  has placed the book on its list of Outstanding Academic books.

The list is quite selective: it contains approximately ten percent of some 7,000 works reviewed in Choice each year.

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries is a publication of the Association of College & Research Libraries, which is a subsidiary of the American Library Association.

Choice subscribers include:
  • Academic, public, and special libraries around the world
  • Most undergraduate academic institutions in the U.S.
  • Individuals, especially faculty, who wish to keep up with scholarly publishing
  • Most colleges and universities in Canada, and academic institutions and national libraries in Europe, Asia, and Australia


(ht Peter Boettke)

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