Thursday, February 11, 2016

"I Will Continue to Spread the Freedom Message Until My Last Breath"

Murray Sabrin exchanges emails with a friend:

Edith writes:
The US is inside out with an unmitigated loss of common sense.  PC continues to prevail.  The question “Who is the originator of the PC policy?”  - Clearly the MEDIA.  Trump has begun the need to turn that on its head, so that circumstances like this are reported as they should be!

Murray responds:
There is a more fundamental issue that I have been warning about for decades:  most politicians and their uneducated supporters do not understand how markets work (or despise free enterprise) and are envious of success, e.g., the progressive income tax. Business leaders have to step up to the plate and become activists for economic freedom.  As Wenzel points out, we have to become dedicated educators and passionate defenders of free enterprise.  I will continue to spread the freedom message until my last breath, which was Bastiat's rallying cry in The Law more than 160 years ago.
Murray Sabrin, Ph.D.
 Professor of Finance,
Ramapo College
co-founder and president,
Conger LH,

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