Saturday, February 13, 2016

IN PERSPECTIVE How Bad is the Chinese Stock Market Getting Hit?

At the EPJ Daily Alert, I have been warning about the Chinese stock market and economy long before the recent decline started. It's been hit pretty hard, but all indications are that we remain in the early stages of the downturn with much more to go.

NOTE: The US economy and the Chinese economy are in different phases of the boom-bust business cycle. In a recent video for ALERT subscribers, which new subscribers get as part of their welcome package, I explain why it can look as though all markets move in tandem when they do not.

The Chinese economy is on the downside if the boom-bust of the boom-bust cycle, despite recent downside action in the stock market, the overall US economy remains in the boom phase of the the central bank manipulated economy.


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  1. I find your perspective quite interesting, if not overly optimistic. Regarding the economy, you and Zero Hedge could not be further divergent.