Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Krugmam Slams Bernie (Part 2)

Paul Krugman writes:
Four former Democratic chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers have put out a letter warning that Bernie Sanders’s economic program contains a very worrisome amount of voodoo...

In Sanders’s case, I don’t think it’s ideology as much as being not ready for prime time — and also of not being willing to face up to the reality that the kind of drastic changes he’s proposing, no matter how desirable, would produce a lot of losers as well as winners.
What Krugman is  saying is true, but truth has never been the guiding light of his commentary? Is this the first hint that Hillary has him penciled in for a serious post in the administration?

Chairman of the CEA? Fed chair?


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  1. All of the Left's economics are voodoo economics. This is a witch doctor calling fraud.