Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paul Krugman Slams Bernie Sanders Again!!

This is the fifth hit on Bernie by Krugman in the last week. (SEE herehere, here and here).

On Friday night, he posted this chart of the last 57 years of GDP growth versus Bernie Sanders projections of the future and labeled the post Plausibility:

Hey, maybe Krugman really did deserve the Nobel Prize.

I almost want Hillary to win just so that I can see what post Krugman gets.



  1. Well Bewney does want to spend eleventy trillion dollars. He could just tell the American people he'll keep on spending until GDP grows 4.5%. He can buy Krugman's support by promising to appoint him Czar of the Department of Alien Defense, with an annual budget of $450 billion.

  2. She is going to appoint Krugman for big things. That is terrifying.

  3. What position? He's already manning his post.