Monday, February 29, 2016

PLEASE CHECK THE FACTS: Average Monthly Employment Change By Wage Level

Justin Wolfer writes, "If you've heard the talking point that the economy is only creating low-wage jobs, please consult the facts, instead."

(Data via Wolfer)


  1. By eye the analysis here looks much the same as what it is being used to argue against. It's just presented differently, using a shorter time scale, and including $91+/hr job types not typically in those. Just because the most recent numbers look a bit better doesn't mean the longer time scale view of this 7 year recovery is false. It looks like the facts are the same, it just depends on the particular analysis. Can't say much else without the original source.

    Also of course $10/hr and lower is falling in 2014 and 2015, those jobs are being made illegal.

    1. hmmm wonder what the $91 buck an hour jobs is?

    2. I'm guessing that's bankers, finance, traders, etc. The 'low wage recovery' charts usually look at 'service' (waiters, bartenders, retail) vs. 'manufacturing' (farming, mining, construction, etc), and sometimes government.