Tuesday, February 16, 2016

They Are Taking the War On Cash to the Kids: Cashless Monopoly

This is just terrible.

AV Club reports:

With its newest Monopoly release, Hasbro seems to be willing to do something that our elected officials are not: Regulate the banking system and make it harder for unscrupulous individuals to cheat. For its upcoming Monopoly Ultimate Banking, a modernized version of the classic real estate and free market-themed board game, the toy company has eliminated Monopoly’s colorful wads of cash. Instead, players will scan personal credit cards with a small battery-operated ATM, which will automatically keep track of their cash on hand.

It's time for someone to come up with a new game: Escape Government Spying On You.


(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. Then when the batteries on the ATM run out, they have to decide between starving and looting.

  2. Those who like to throw all fines & taxes in the center of the board and let them accumulate till someone lands on Free Parking and gets the whole pot, I assume would not like this new version.

    I wonder if a Transgender token comes with this game also ?

  3. Who to call when the ATM breaks down?

  4. Looks like they are using a barcode-like system.
    I wonder how long it takes for the first kid to hack the ATM!