Friday, February 26, 2016

This Is Pretty Amazing

The robots Are coming

A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings has been created. It is specialized for mobile manipulation and is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects.



  1. Just raise minimum wage enough! :-)

  2. Where's the video of this thing again the rifle range? We all know that's the ultimate goal of project Skynet here.

  3. Without advances in battery power or miniature nuclear power packs these bots are limited. Fascinating nonetheless.

  4. But once the power problem is solved... Calling Will Smith!!

    Maybe the bot should have taken that hockey stick away and beat the sh!t out of the guy with it. Hmm... maybe one day it just might.