Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump Says Audit the Fed

I have never been a big fan of auditing the Fed, not when  Rand was promoting it, not when Ron was promoting it SEE: Say No to 'Audit the Fed'.

Trump doesn't score any points with me by calling for an audit of the Fed,

I would be much more impressed if he were to say, like Ted Cruz did, that the Fed was responsible for the financial crisis by at first goosing the money supply and then slowing down money supply in the summer of 2008.

Further, the vote Cruz would have cast would have not been significant as the bill failed by more than one vote.



  1. Weak. We need to audit the Fed and its policy-making machinery, as well as letting the people know who owns it. It ain't the government.

  2. Trump is playing the part of the outsider, the businessman who will run the country like a business, similar to the Ross Perot campaign, many years ago. Trump is a puppet, who is not only being allowed to run for president, and can say anything he wants without repercussion, but is being promoted by all mainstream media outlets on a daily basis. Those powerful businessmen in control of all corporations, banks, media, and government agencies, are using the persona of the donald, to divide the masses, to tap into the subconscious of all of us, either to hate and fight each other; white vs. black and hispanic, christian vs. muslim, poor vs. middle class, etc..., and to give millions of americans the false hope of real change in the coming years. Take a step back and see the bigger picture: a nation that is headed towards an economic collapse, and all that goes with it; martial law in some areas, and street riots in others, with millions of middle class citizens, losing their wealth, and the 1 percenters, heading to their underground mansions. let us all unite now before its too late. do not let the media control your mind anymore with stories about walls and kkk rallies and muslim terrorists. Unite with all people under one common bond; that all people, here in the USA, and around the world, can be free from oppression and violence, and refuse to attack any other person or group, or go to war against any other group or nation. One world of free humans living together in peace refusing to march to the orders of the rich 1 percenters who control all governments, all corporations, all banks, and all media. Peace.