Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ben Bernanke Just Made Some Honest Money

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben  Bernanke recently made a cameo appearance on the television show, 'The Big Bang Theory.'

WaPo reports, that the moment came in this season’s episode 16, “Positive Negative Reaction.” (Warning: Spoiler alert!) In it, Howard learns his wife is pregnant and is overwhelmed by the news. So he and the guys head to a tiki bar for fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas. Sheldon slurps down a few too many, then stumbles off toward the bathroom -- and along the way waves to a woman and a man with a beard, Ben Bernanke.

According to WaPo, Bernanke said he jokingly told his agent, who handles his speaking engagements, that other nerds have appeared on The Big Bang Theory. Why not him?

“And, by George, they said they’d be delighted to have me and my wife, Anna, out there,” Bernanke said.

According to WaPo, Bernanke was required to join the Screen Actors Guild for his brief appearance on the show. For their labors, he and his wife each received a check of $69.

According to reports, Bernanke pulls down more than Hillary Clinton got for giving speeches. Before her presidential campaign launch, she was paid $200 000 per speech. Bernanke receives $250,000 per speech.



  1. "For their labors, he and his wife each received a check of $69."

    So know we know when Bernanke dares to venture out into a more free market oriented job market what he and his wife is worth for a solid half day or so of work.

    Good thing he doesn't have to compete in labor markets that are not as favored by the DC money machine in order to make a living- he might have to get on welfare to make it day to day.

  2. The popularity of the Big Bang Theory is one of the reasons I fear that the ideas of liberty may never take hold. The shows has convinced millions of people to laugh, despite the inexistence of humor, simply by dubbing in a laugh track after every single line of dialogue.

    A representative exchange from the Big Bang Theory:

    "Hi." (Laughter)
    "Hello." (Laughter)
    "How are you?" (Increased laughter)
    "Just Fine." (Psychotic laughter)