Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BREAKING Bomb-Making Material Found in George Mason Univ. Dorm: 3 Students Arrested

Court documents reveal that three George Mason University students were arrested last week after police found bomb-making materials in their dorm room during a raid, reports Red Alert Politics.

One of the students was charged for possession of the bomb-making materials, while the other two were arrested on alcohol and drug-related charges.

The documents say GMU police officers went to the room last Wednesday night after it was reported that flames were shooting out of the window.

AP reports that “police found a leafy green substance, match books, shaved match heads, a mortar and pedestal, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer candles and a PVC pipe.”

The students have not yet been publicly identified by police.

The economics department at GMU is heavily funded by the Koch brothers. Among the  Koch-connected professors in the department are the far from radical Tyler Cowen and Peter Boettke.



The bomb squad told campus police the materials were likely being used to make explosives, potentially fire bombs.


  1. "shaved match heads"????? - you've got to be kidding

  2. Wow! Thank god they found and arrested these people... I mean can you imagine the horror they could have unleashed with what looks to be the ingredients of a stink or smoke bomb. /sarc.

    When the hell did it become illegal to be a kid.

  3. "Mortar and Pedestal"

    Great. Just Great. Outcome Based Education, I'm sure.
    I really do put our Skoolz on a Pestle, Ya'no'wa'umm sayun?

    1. A decorative flower bed was also arrested for carrying concealed pistils without a permit.

  4. My first thought too. We called them potato guns.