Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Is Pretty Good on Some of the Problems with Free College Education

It  probably is the result of the current political climate and the best positioning for Hillary versus Bernie Sanders, but when a question came up about Bernie Sanders political strength, she replied (via WaPo) with a decent utilitarian stance (Of course, not on principle):
I asked Chelsea after the event why her mom is struggling so much on college campuses. She blamed Bernie’s promise of free college tuition and then spent two minutes explaining why the idea is unrealistic. “At the events I’ve had near college campuses … one of the things I’ve heard really resonates with voters is his now quite-famous pledge to give free college tuition to anyone at a public university or a community college,” she said. “Yet when people really look at how he’d do that, it’s partly through a Wall Street speculation tax. But it’s largely through expecting states to come up with hundreds of billions of dollars on day one. The bill for Wisconsin alone would be $11 billion to fund that pledge.”

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  1. And yet Chelsea's mother, and her mother's supporters, and republicans, etc. all have no issue with passing all sorts of tax laws with people scrambling to come up with the money from day one. Bernie's plan is simply an extension of this legislative reality.