Sunday, March 6, 2016

Chelsea Clinton versus Murray Rothbard on Unions

Rothbard writes:
 Union history in America is filled with romanticized and overblown stories about violent strikes: the Pullman strike, the Homestead strike, and so on. Since labor historians have almost all been biased in favor of unions, they strongly imply that almost all the violence was committed by the employer's guards, wantonly beating up strikers or union organizers. The facts are quite the opposite. Almost all the violence was committed by union goon squads against the property of the employer, and in particular, against the replacement workers' invariably smeared and dehumanized with the ugly word "scabs." (Talk about demeaning language!)...

[W]e have been suffering from compulsory collective bargaining since 1935. Unions will never meet on a "fair playing field" and we will never have a free economy until the Wagner and Norris LaGuardia Acts are scrapped as a crucial part of the statism that began to grip this country in the New Deal, and has never been removed.



  1. They say it's pro-labor legislation, but it's anti-employer and anti-nonunion labor.

  2. Isn't this like saying Wile E. Coyote v Roadrunner?