Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goldman Sachs Junior Bankster Put on Leave for Selling Donald Trump-Inspired Hats

Lloyd running a tight anti-Trump ship.

Goldman Sachs has put one of its financial advisers on paid leave after it emerged that he had failed to disclose a Donald Trump-inspired sideline selling hats with the slogan, “Make Christianity Great Again,” reports FT.

The employee, Luke Thorburn, was named last week by NYT as the only Goldman employee to have donated money to Trump’s presidential campaign during the second half of last year. Subsequently, NYT discovered that Thorburn had launched a website selling caps apparently paying homage to the Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Thorburn donated $534.58 to Trump’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.

As an institution, Goldman has been among the top three donors to Hillary Clinton over the course of her Senate career, according to opensecrets.org.


  1. I can only interpret this as a desperate attempt by the mainstream media to smear Trump on Super Tuesday. Most of the headlines are full of sensationalism and stretching as far as possible, e.g. "Trump ties" and "Goldman banker" and "under investigation," as if it were a federal probe examining the dealings of an MD-level banker. This is a junior guy in the private wealth division-- that's not a "bankster." He failed to disclose his silly side business, and he should have known better because this is pretty standard compliance practice in financial services. And not a mistake a real bankster would have made without blockers, holdcos, and plausible deniability.

    1. Other articles have suggested it was not his business, but his girlfriends and that although he was pictured on the website, had not received any sales proceeds. Goldman made up that it was his business, got their media and PR dept into overdrive and got rid of him because they didn't want to be associated with conservatism and Donald Trump.

  2. You'd think a devout, "Doing God's Work" kinda guy like LB would have applauded his young evangelist banker for spreading Christian enlightenment. Must be because he used his own money, not the taxpayer's.