Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greg Mankiw on Trump Economics

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw correctly notes:
I don't know any mainstream economist--right, left, or center--who has good things to say about the economic policy views of Donald Trump.  But, somehow, I don't think this fact will deter his supporters.

He then links to a lefty and a couple of neocons to prove the point:
  1. Alan Blinder
  2. Jon Hartley and Glenn Hubbard
Richard Ebeling has made a strong case against Trumpian economics from a libertarian perspective, see: Donald Trump and the Great Man Theory of Government.

The economist Walter Block, however, has formed Libertarians for Trump. The case for which is far from clear to me.


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  1. ─The economist Walter Block, however, has formed Libertarians for Trump.─

    What I was able to discern, Dr. Block seems to believe that a Trumpian foreign policy will be much less onerous in terms of our wealth and our civil liberties than the foreign policy promoted by Cruz or HillRod. Perhaps this is the reason he supports his candidacy. I may be wrong.

    The only thing I know is that the pompous windbag said "they're rapists, they're drug dealers" (referring to Mexican immigrants) and suddenly all these sub-normals come out of the woodworks to support him, as if by magic. That's the crowd that's taking him to the finish line.THAT crowd.